Working within Communities to Promote Peace 

Projects to Promote Peace begun in 2015 with the Mihrab Project at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham. This was an opportunity to work with the local community to build a prayer niche. A focal point of solace for inpatients and those who work or visit. 

The installation is a point of great pride for those who took part, making and glazing the tiles, and a calming experience for those who witness their handiwork. 

The notion of facilitating a coming together of peoples from all walks of life has been the basis for this mode of practice being represented in other areas. In 2016, the Peace murals were installed at All Saints Church in Luton to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the Peace Walk, an initiative developed  to encourage community cohesion. The Peace Fountain project, in 2017, was an opportunity to restore an Islamic fountain in Stockwood Discovery Centre with the help of the Luton community. Encouraging thoughts of peace were documented through thoughts and feelings shared by the local community. Students from Luton Sixth Form also shared poetry alongside storytelling and singing to acknowledge the International Day of Peace.

In 2018 this was developed further through the initiative the Great Get Together in honour of the late MP Jo Cox. Five murals replicating stained glass windows were created with  the local community and neighbouring villages and towns. This was an opportunity to encourage diverse peoples to work together for a common goal.


Peace fountain,Stockwood Discovery Centre, Luton


Mihrab, Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Birmingham

Cornelia's Cafe, St Nicholas church, Harpenden

Peace murals, All Saints church, Luton